Why go to New Zealand for Landscape Photography

There are a lot of wonderful places in the world to capture great moments and beauty, one of them is New Zealand. Think of this, of all the awesome places in the world, the people in Hollywood decided to make the countryside of New Zealand as the backdrop for both the “Lord of The Rings” and “The Hobbit” trilogies. The beauty of this country is just clearly out of this world, or at least on par with fantasy worlds. There are plenty of places that are perfect for landscape photography in New Zealand, you just have to look for them, but to help you out her are a few places you should really go to at New Zealand.

1.) Milfred Sound

This is the number one place to go hiking. There is so much natural beauty to see such as glaciers and a beautiful rain forest, and best of all nothing there will or even can kill you, New Zealand is known for not having any harmful creatures, so you don’t have to worry going to odd places like climbing trees or crawling to a ledge to get the best angle for a shot. Be careful though, even though creatures can’t kill you, falling off from a cliff or tree could hurt you pretty badly.

2.) Hawke’s Bay

Would you like some good wine while doing your landscape photography? Well Hawke’s bay is the right place for you, with the beautiful hilly coast, with vineyards and naturally beautiful hills you can’t go wrong with picking this place. Though I might have just been drunk the whole time I was there and thought everything was beautiful, after Google-ing it I found that my memory did not fail me and it is certainly a good place to visit and a wonderful subject for photography.


3.) Bay of Islands

Personally I like take photos of beautiful islands, with the 140 islands, undeveloped beaches, Maori Artifacts, and big-game fishing, you can capture magnificent moments and beautiful sceneries, while at the same time have fresh sea food for dinner.

4.) Te Anau

The best place to stay at when you just want to have a good feel of the New Zealand, the town is near a lake called Lake Te Anau which is also the largest lake in the south Island. With a beautiful mountainous background the lake is the perfect subject for a painting and photography.

5.) Te Moeka o Tuawe

Also known as Fox Glacier can be found at Tai Poutini National Park. The glacier stretches 13Km and is just a jaw dropping spectacular view. Capture this beauty on its own or as a background for a memorable photo.

There are many places in New Zealand to visit and capture wonderful beauty and moments with friends and family. If you’re going around the world anyway why not start somewhere as far as New Zealand, where the beauty and tranquility of the country is so good, hobbits built their home there, speaking of which “The Shire” is also an excellent place to visit.