Tampa Nature Photography Club

sunfower-kidsThe Tampa Nature Photography Club is a growing community of aspiring and professional photographers who aim to spread the passion of taking amazing photos of nature, and the need for taking care of the environment regardless of hobby or activity. They believe that nature is a part of the world and human life since the beginning, and it should be taken care of at all costs. Great nature photos need great subjects or locations, thus the need for eco-friendliness to maintain the beauty and purpose of nature. Nature enhances the quality of human life, so people should give back to nature whenever they get the chance.

In the summer of 2009, the photography club was started by a group of college students who were taking up a bachelor’s degree on Fine Arts, and were having a keen interest on nature photography. These students had the same views on how a lot of professional photographers destroy nature just to make the perfect photos, and on how the destruction of nature should never be part of any field of art. These photography enthusiasts started the first nature photography club in their university, and then made it more widespread in the city of Tampa in 2010 by accepting free registrations from citizens who were not part of the university.

The community engages in various activities and programs such as their annual nature photography contest, photography tutorials and seminars for beginners and professionals, photo exhibitions, socialization nights, and biannual tree-planting in Tampa and other nearby cities in Florida. They also conduct seminars and activities in collaboration with companies specifically for pest control management for enhancing nature photography shoots and improving the status of the environment itself.

The Tampa Nature Photography Club allows anyone interested to their activities and programs, regardless of age, location, profession, or level of expertise, although they provide divisions for the latter in the photography contest and tutorials. The majority of members in the club are from Tampa and other cities in Florida, but they accept registrations from people in other locations. They are also planning to create chapters in other cities and states in case the community gets bigger, and the locations more diverse.