Reasons to Visit New Zealand

If you are looking for something to do as well as some place to go as some sort of vacation or adventure, I highly recommend middle-earth, but since I have no Idea how to get there, a great alternative that is incredibly close to the real thing is volunteering in New Zealand. You would probably ask why New Zealand of all places to volunteer at, well aside from the good that you can do it’s a place that you should visit at least once, and besides there is so much to do there, for fun and leisure, and for the good of many (like destroying the one ring). But to help you decide here are a few things you can do there while volunteering.

1.) Landscape Photography

Are you the type that is artsy and love nature? Or maybe just love the Lord of the Rings Trilogy or even the Hobbit (sort of) trilogy. (One book stretched into three movies, isn’t a real trilogy, it’s a money grab, good movie’s’ though.) Both way, you will love exploring and taking photos of the beautiful landscape that became the backdrop of the famous movies.

2.) Sports Adventure

There are a lot of extreme things in New Zealand, if you are the suici-I mean adventurous type who likes to get his heart pumping with adrenaline, then enjoy what this country can offer you. I don’t really need to tell you everything in detail, just Google “Adrenaline Junkies New Zealand” and you are set to plan your last moments on earth.

3.) Hobbits!

Okay maybe not Hobbits, but The Shire is a place that should be in your bucket list, if you are doing number two in this list I Highly Recommend visiting The Shire. Just don’t point and shout hobbit when you see a small person taking tour of the place, trust me that will get you into a lot of trouble, like seriously don’t do it…. DON’T DO IT! It’s rude.

4.) Volunteer Work

Okay, we’re already going there to volunteer, but we never explained why there, why do volunteer work at a country so clean, with little to no crime, and a good economy? Because good work can be done anywhere, as is often needed in the most unlikely of places. Not to mention there are a lot of volunteer groups in New Zealand that welcomes the help, as there are not very many of them. They do things like helping people like the elderly, and keeping their countryside clean. Help out, because you don’t want a pile of garbage bags to be the backdrop of The Silmarillion (lord of the rings prequel) would you? (If they ever decide to make it into a movie)

5.) A Great Vacation

You can do all of the things in this list or nothing at all, that is what a vacation is doing the things you want to do, which could be nothing but lying down drinking something made with kiwi (the fruit not the bird).

The world has a lot of wonderful places you can visit, and New Zealand is one of those places, so visit New Zealand!