Old Photo Prints in Storage Destroyed By Termites

Back in the day when we used film, I was able to visit New Zealand and took my first trip around the country and took photographs. Ever since then I returned as often as I can and took new photos and retook a few shots from back then. Though I didn’t display the old prints in my studio, I was rather fond of those old photos, no matter how badly focused and overexposed some of them were. It was very unfortunate news when I discovered that my storage room was infested with termites. The newer prints and equipment were fine, but the older stuff including my first New Zealand Prints was pretty much destroyed.

Even though I hired the best Pest Control Company Janesville, and used all my skills as a photographer, I was unable to save any of the photos. This is a lesson for me and those who are reading this now; I recommend that anything that you think of as precious should either be well displayed or stored in a secured area, thinking that simply storing it in one place will make it permanently secured is something I regret doing.

I cannot retrieve what was lost, but I can continue and make new memories. I was able to retrieve my planner from that trip, that along with recalling where I went back then; I might be able to recreate those photos. Maybe with an old film camera, or maybe with a new DSLR.