My Quick Photography Stint in Denver

While I have more than enough subjects to cover here in New Zealand, I have always welcomed the prospect of travelling half-way around the world to conquer new sights and sounds. Nature is unique. Every country has a charm that you can find nowhere else. So, imagine my excitement when my college friend, Jill, invited me to visit her place in Denver!

The sight was just too much to take in! It was gorgeous! Too bad, my camera was still packed. I just pulled out my phone to capture my first photograph of Denver. Jill was already waiting for me so I have to delay my photo expedition. We had a lot of catching up to do. It was surreal that I was finally reunited with her after all these years!

The ride to her house is so scenic. I had to unpack my camera to take more photos. It felt like I’m still in New Zealand. It was a long scenic drive going to her place.

Just when I thought I had enough of the gorgeous landscape, I was awestruck at the view surrounding Jill’s house! It’s like living in paradise! With her permission, I walked around their place and started clicking. Until I saw termites trails on his backyard wall. I know how destructive this pest is so I called my friend’s attention.

She was shocked at the sight of it. She immediately contacted an affordable exterminator in Denver to take a look and exterminate the lurking pest. I was pretty impressed with the exterminator’s service because it was quick and efficient. It means we can still push through with our plans.

I was thrilled to see the places Jill described to me. She took me there and I was better than I imagined. I highly recommend these places when you get the chance to visit Denver:

  • Boulder Flatirons – These site is accessible compared to other sites I visited. Visit Chautauqua Park and Flatirons Vista Open space for great wide shots.
  • Maroon Bells – This is the most photographed mountain scene in America. You can’t go wrong with this one because the view is simply picture-perfect.
  • Red Rocks Park and Garden of the Gods – This site features amazing red sandstone outcroppings. The exciting part is the possibility of meeting wildlife living in the area.
  • Blue Lake – It is a series of three turquoise-blue lakes located at the San Juan Mountains. The view is just awesome.

I could only squeeze in a few sites in my one week visit to Denver but it was enough to fill my portfolio with astonishing photos.

Denver is a beautiful place. You never have to go far to find a scenery to photograph. In fact, you can just pull-over from the road and capture a magnificent scene. I can only imagine how the landscape changes in each seasons. I would definitely come back next year, not just for the photos, but also for Jill’s wedding.