Landscape Photography and a Slim Body

photographyWhen it comes to landscape photography, you will need to do a lot of hiking and positioning yourself at the right place to get the right angle. Unfortunately when you’re a bit overweight, or in my case obese, this becomes a hurdle in your new hobby or career. Most wonderful sceneries are at remote areas where there are little to no road access, so hiking is a must, and when it comes to landscape photography, the natural lighting is extremely important, if you miss the window when the light is perfect, you will have to either camp out or come back the next day, so there is a lot of running and jogging involved.


The Fast Way 

jelly-bellyI have never been a person who did not take the easiest solution to solve my problems, and even though I knew that after a little time of continuously working like I did, along with additional workouts, I would be able to lose that jelly-belly. I decided to take an easier route to my problem, during a vacation in the U.S., I visited a friend in Utah, who knew a really good doctor to help me with my problem. The doctor explained to me the procedure and  that abdominoplasty procedure removes excess fat and skin from the abdomen, which was exactly what I needed. Though he also told me to take it easy after the following few months to avoid complication, he told me that I should be able to work.


My Experience after the Procedure 

hiking-in-the-middle-of-nowhereIt was weird at first, I felt as if I finally took off a heavy backpack, and my life was a bit easier too. Without the extra weight I was able to hike to my destinations with less effort and be able climb into positions that would have been difficult or even impossible back when I had the belly. I was even able to properly maintain the new body because of the active lifestyle a landscape photographer has. Work became even more fun than before, with a lighter body I was able to do more and experience more.


Thoughts about everything 

beautiful-landscapeHad I have been more patient I believe that after a year or two of just doing my work I would have eventually reached a point where I would have lost the weight I had lost through the procedure, though it would have affected the quality of my work, given that the whole reason I am now able to do my work properly is because I lost those extra pounds. I can pretty much recommend the procedure if you don’t have the luxury of time, like I did. But if you have enough patience and you have the time to lose weight naturally I recommend you doing that. Heads up though, if you have been fat for a good portion of your life, there is a good chance that your skin will sag and you will still need a procedure to get rid of the excess skin. If you do though, I recommend having it done in Utah if you can, they have awesome doctors.