Best Places in Georgia to Photograph

I just got back from my adventure in Atlanta, and it yielded me a lot of beautiful photos to add to my portfolio. It was just a quick trip to accompany my mother to her friend’s house in Atlanta. She was very insistent for me to go with her so I cannot refuse. It will be like a holiday for the two of us because we rarely spend time together since she lives far from my place. Let me narrate what happened to us on my one week vacation in Atlanta.

We arrived to Atlanta a week ago, and we were met by my mother’s friend at the airport. They were high school best friends. My mom’s friend surprised us with good news. She is getting married again to her husband to celebrate their 30th birthday. My mom was so happy and volunteered me to be a backup photographer for them. Thanks, mom!

We drove to their home in Georgia, and I asked where her husband was. She said that he is out of town to finish some work and then will be back that evening. We arrive at her house, and it was very charming. The problem is, there was no electricity when we flicked the switch. She talked to her neighbor to check if they have power, and the friend said that they do.

No one knew how to check the electricity, even me. I was not comfortable dealing with anything electrical in nature. We couldn’t wait for her husband, so my mom’s friend decided to contact an electrician. We searched for the site of the nearest electrician in our location and we were fortunate that the company can send someone soon after our call.

The electrician came in a few minutes and checked the main switch and circuit breaker. In a few moments, the power was restored! We couldn’t thank the electrician enough for the efficient and friendly service.

That night, the husband of my mom’s friend took us out to dinner. When he found out that I am a photographer, he told me that he is a photo hobbyist himself. He said that we could stop by his favorite landscape in Atlanta so we can photograph. My mom and her friend could not agree more because they will be busy doing their girly bonding.

We went to Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island. It is accessible by car through the causeway. The landscape was a sight to behold! It got marshes, beaches, and tidal creeks. You can click anywhere, and you are sure to capture a breath-taking view.  Driftwood on the beach


Driftwood on the beach

Unfortunately, we were only able to visit one site, but he told me about others that are worth photographing. I put them here so you can add it to your stop when you happen to be in Atlanta.

George L. Smith Park 

You will get another treat in this place especially when you love kayaking or canoeing, too. This place is best photographed on the boat to access the beautiful views around the pond. It is surrounded with cypress and tupelo trees adding mystery to your photos.

Lover’s Leap

You will be stunned at the beauty of this waterfall and the surrounding mountains. It is located on Lookout Mountain in Georgia.

Providence Canyon State Park

It is located in Southwestern Georgia. You do not need to go to the Grand Canyons to appreciate the unique texture of canyons in your photograph.

There are other attractions to see, and I would love to see more landscape photos in Georgia. I will surely comeback and see it for myself.