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This website is dedicaded to show you vacation ideas for New Zealand via professional and quality photos of both New Zealand islands.

We hope we can help you making decisions what to visit on your vacation to New Zealand by showing you many holiday destinations on both island on this INDEPENDEND information website. You are also able to licening our images for your projects.

Several flights brought us down to one of our favourite vacation and photography destinations - New Zealand. We are using our digital photo archive of New Zealand photos and pictures to create this website. More New Zealand photos will be added over time. As more photos we have online as better you can see if you want to visit one of the vacations spots we show you or not.

Please take your time and stroll through our photo galleries for one of the greatest travel and vacation destinations in the South Pacific - New Zealand.

Our photo galleries presenting all areas of New Zealand, from the South and the North Island. From City destinations like Auckland and Wellington on the North Island to adventure travel locations like Abel Tasman National Park or Fiordland National Park or the scenic beaches of the West coast as well as the stunning landscape of the Southern Alps with its Glaciers and rainforests.

Today there are many websites with great New Zealand photos online but you should not miss Rolf Hicker's excellent collection of New Zealand Photos, which is probably one of the largest and most beautiful photo galleries.

We hope to be able to help you making decisions which vacation spots to visit on your holidays.

New images

Fern Frond Nelson Lakes National Park New Zealand

In the cool shaded forest along the Bellbird Walk in the beautiful Nelson Lakes National Park on the South Island of New Zealand, a young fern frond unfurls.
Contrary to popular belief, a fern can be found in many different habitats although they are more commonly thought of as shade and moisture loving plants. This young unfurling frond of a fern was ...
Russell Lupins Milford Road Fiordland National Park NZ

While driving Milford Road in Fiordland National Park in Southland, NZ, one finds it hard not to stop to capture a picture of these beautiful Russell Lupins blossoming across the field.
A sight of beauty is this field of Russell Lupins in the Eglinton River Valley in Fiordland National Park on the South Island of NZ. A tourist stops along Milford Road and walks across the field t ...
Decorative Letterbox Colac Bay Tavern Southland NZ

A beautiful decorative letterbox on display at the Colac Bay Tavern along the Southern Scenic Route in Southland on the South Island of NZ.
Handcrafted with many types of different pieces, this decorative letterbox at the Colac Bay Tavern along the Southern Scenic Route in Southland, NZ is a conversation piece. Starfish, fish, dolphin ...
Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools Canterbury South Island NZ

Relaxing in the thermal pools at Hanmer Springs in Canterbury on the South Island of NZ, people can enjoy the tranquility surrounding the alpine village.
Hanmer Springs in Canterbury on the South Island of NZ is a place where people come to relax in the thermal pools and enjoy the native landscaping of the alpine village. The water in the thermal p ...
Alpine Pacific Triangle Route South Island NZ

Connecting the towns of Kaikoura, Waipara, and Hanmer Springs, the Alpine Pacific Triangle Route is a great way to see real New Zealand countryside on the South Island.
The Alpine Pacific Triangle Route in Canterbury on the South Island of NZ will take one past beautiful farmland and country landscapes, rural towns and some amazing scenery. In this area of the Al ...
Hurunui River Mouth Gravel Road Cheviot Canterbury NZ

The gravel road takes visitors along the scenic Hurunui River Mouth near Cheviot in Canterbury on the East Coast of the South Island of NZ.
Traveling for miles along the Hurunui River Mouth near Cheviot in Canterbury, NZ, the gravel road allows one to enjoy the picturesque scenery. The quiet, gravel road is rarely traveled and for tho ...
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